Design, Install and Commission

Design is the foundation of a high performing fire protection system. Cherytech’s brand of reliability and quality is built on its expertise in designing engineering solutions to your fire protection needs. Its team of designers are highly skilled professionals trained by one of the pioneers in the industry himself. They engineer solutions to cater to all the needs and demands of the customer keeping in line with national and international codes and practices partnered with optimal costs and increased productivity.

Our step by step integrated and wholesome process of bringing a design to life from concept to reality can be summed up below.

1. Survey The Premises
2. Finalize The Hazard Classification for Different Areas Depending on Nature of Occupancy
3. Occupancy Classification
4. Fire Risk Assessment
5. Conceptual Planning
6. Preliminary Design Report and Budget Estimates
7. Detailed Planning
8. Working Drawings & Hydraulic Calculations
9. Specifications
10. Schedule of Quantities
11. Detailed Cost Estimates
12. Project Management
13. Quality Assurance By Periodic Site Supervision
14. Testing and Commissioning Participation

We also provide Assistance with As-installed (built) Drawings and with Operation, Maintenance Manuals & Log books.

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