Clean Agent Systems

Water based fire suppression systems can harm and, in some situations, even destroy the very items they are intended to protect. Electronic systems or other irreplaceable assets need to be protected without compromising it altogether. There was a need for a system that was not based on water and was not found to be detrimental to life and environment itself. This is where Clean agent systems found a seemingly permanent spot on essential, innovative and scientifically superior systems in fire protection.

It is important to understand how a clean agent system works and how it might be beneficial to your facility before selecting any fire suppression systems. We can give you all the essentials details, Contact us for a better understanding of use and advantages.

Cherytech deals with only the best in the industry to bring you the leaders in clean agent fire suppression systems.

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NN100 , Nitrogen Fire Suppression System

By employing nitrogen gas as the fire extinguishing agent, Nohmi NN100 (IG100) is the most environmentally friendly fire suppression system in the market.


Inergen fire suppression is a blend of naturally occurring gases; Nitrogen, Argon, & a small amount of carbon dioxide. The Inergen is made up of all these gas with a blend mix consisting of Argon 50%,Nitrogen 42% and CO2 8%

NOVAC 1230

Novec 1230, C6F12O, (3M Novec 1230) fluid is a low global warming potential Halon replacement for use as a gaseous fire suppression agent. Novec 1230 is manufactured by 3M.

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